Gas turbine in oil and gas used for gas plant and power plant facilities, both of plant are critical plant to append activity of production and delivery system of oil and gas. Reliability and deliverability is more important factor to provide effectiveness system after all.

After the course participant :

  1. Have a good knowledge of gas turbine out and technology include thermodynamic concepts, construction, detail component’s and function
  2. Will improve their ability to understand cause and effect of failure to guide root cause analysis in problem solving and trouble shooting
  3. Familiar with product of gas turbine which is used in the gas plant


  1. Introduction to Gas turbine
  2. An Overview of Gas Turbines
    a. History of gas turbine
    b. Gas turbine in oil and gas industry
  3. Brayton cycle
  4. Gas turbine art and design
  5. Engine  design
  6. Operation principle
  7. Engine case and inlet air
  8. Gas turbine in detail assembly and function of components
    a. Compressor section    : Inlet guide vane, Rotor compressor,Stator Compressor,Bleed Valve and  control.
    b. Diffuser and Combustor    : Combustion chamber, Fuel Nozzle,Ignition plug
    c. Turbine  and exhaust    :  Inlet nozzle, Blade turbine and cooling system
  9. Auxiliary Components and Accessories : Bearings and Seals, Gears
  10. Gas turbine bearing and lubrication system
    • Ingition system
    • Bearing and seals
    • Fuel gas and gas system
  11. Basic combustion in gas turbine
    • Heating value in natural gas (LHV and HHV), Wobb number
    • Stochiometric combustion
    • Emission of combustion
    • How gas burned in combustion chamber
    • Cooling technology and thermal barrier coating
  12. Compressor in gas turbine
    a. Energy convertion in compressor
  13. How compressor work (increase pressure and flowing gas)
    • Gas flow compressor  phenomena stall and surge,
    • How to control  control surge  ( IGV and bleed valve)
    • Compressor failure and material
  14. Turbine who it works
    • Convert Pressure and temperature to Mechanical energy
    • How blade turbine work
    • Internal cooling and coating
    • Failure in turbine component
  15. Gas turbine operation and control
    • Operation gas turbine for gas compressor
    • Operation gas turbine for Power Generation
    • Fuel control system
    • IGV control system
    • Lubrication control system


  • Certificate, Quality Training Kit (Pencil case: Erase, Bolpoint, Pencil, Tipe X, Stabillo, Flash Disk 8 GB), Bag.
  • Training Material (HandOut & SoftCopy)
  • Convenient training facilities in stars hotel
  • Lunch and Coffee Breaks
  • Souvenir

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